Before the mayhem of next week begins, give yourself time to relax this Sunday evening, resetting and calming your mind and body for the week ahead. Maybe you have last minute gifts to get during the week or you’re trying frantically to meet the Christmas project deadlines. Whatever it may be, just remember that it is still Sunday and the Monday mayhem hasn’t actually started yet even if your mind has led you to believe it has so take a few moments this evening as you’re winding down even if you are surrounding by family to be present and mindful. Here are some tips to help you with this:

  1. Grab yourself a cup of tea and something sweet or savoury that you enjoy with it. As you grasp the warm cup between your hands, feel the temperature against the soft skin of your palms, taking a deep breath as you do this. When you take the first warm sip, feel the heat of the liquid as it slides down your throat. For your sweet or savoury treat, instead of tucking into it straight away, look at it ,for example, if it is a chocolate biscuit admire all the groves of the wheat indented into it and the smooth look of the chocolate on the underside. When you take your first bite see if you can leave it melt in your mouth for a few seconds becoming aware when the sweetness of the chocolate hits your taste buds.
  2. Put on your cosy pjs, lit the fire or turn on the heating and sit down in your favourite chair. Feel the fabric of your pjs against your skin and the warmth it is giving you. Feel how the chair supports you and gently nestle into it.
  3. When you finally lay down in bed tonight, run your hands along your bed sheet feeling the fabric under your palms. Tense up your entire body as if you were wound in a tight knot and then gently release feeling all your muscles relax. As you feel your head and face against your pillow, just before closing your eyes remember to be grateful for this present moment.

Reminder: All these above tips will help draw your mind into the present moment and away from all the duties and worries of next week even if it is only for a few moments.

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